Afghanistan Turkmen Subtitle English افغانستان ترکمن زیرنویس انگلیسی

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Afghanistan Turkmen Subtitle English افغانستان ترکمن زیرنویس انگلیسی

Afghanistan Turkmen Subtitle English افغانستان ترکمن زیرنویس انگلیسی

Tür: Genel

Yapım: 2001

IMDB Puanı: 5.5

Yönetmen: Al Jazeera

Oyuncular: Five years ago, after the Taliban years, two Turkmen girls in Afghanistan were finally able to attend school _______ Beş yıl önce, Taliban yıllarından sonra, Afganistan'daki iki Türkmen kız nihayet okula devam edebildi ________ - پنج سال پیش، پس از سال های طالبان، دو دختر ترکمن در افغانستان در نهایت توانستند در مدرسه شرکت کنند ________ Five years ago Al Jazeera travelled to Afghanistan to see one of the most dramatic social changes in Afghanistan in the previous decade - the vastly improved access to education, especially for girls ________ After 2001, when the Taliban were toppled from power by US-backed Afghan forces, three million girls returned to school. Women had previously been banned from work and education under Taliban rule. ________ But the team found that periodic attacks against female students, their teachers and their school buildings, were continuing. And fears were growing that gains in girls' education could soon be traded away as Western forces prepared to leave and the Afghan government sought peace talks with the Taliban. ________ Pencils and Bullets focuses on two young girls from the minority Turkmen community in northern Afghanistan. Hayt Gul wants an education rather than sitting at home carpet-weaving with her mother. Nooriya wants to become a doctor. Both are eager students who seek to shine in their class. ________ Through these two young girls, the film explores their situation back in 2013, the future prospects for girls' education in Afghanistan, and the efforts of a minority to educate its children. ______ Five years on, the director of that film, Melek Demir, returns to Afghanistan for REWIND to find out what has become of Hayt and Nooriya - and education for girls in Afghanistan 2018. ________ Melek Demir: Can you tell us what grade you're in and how the school year has been for you? ________ Nooriya: Ninth grade started very well. My lessons are very good and I am very happy with my teachers. Our teachers are striving to help us. ___________ However, I wish I could study in town rather than the village. But we have some difficulties so I do not have that kind of opportunity. __________ Melek Demir: How do your parents view your education? _________ Nooriya: Every family has the same problem: it is not appropriate for girls to go to school. It does not look good. __________ My father and mother let me study because I am still young. Our neighbours and relatives do not approve. My father never told me not to study. He actually encourages my education. _________ Melek Demir: How would you feel if your father said you couldn't study anymore? _______ Nooriya: I cannot say anything to my father, he is our elder. If he tells me to study more I will, but if he opposes it, then I have to give up. I have to do what he says.


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