Asher 2018 آشر

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Asher 2018 آشر

Asher 2018 آشر

Tür: Film Doble Dari Full HD Film, Film Doble Farsi Full HD Film, Genel, Movie Original Language Full HD Film

Yapım: 2018

IMDB Puanı: 5.4

Yönetmen: Michael Caton-Jones

Oyuncular: خلاصه داستان : آخرین کار یک هیتمن سالخورده و باتجربه به نام آشر به مشکل برمی‌خورد و او را مجبور به رستگاری می‌کند و _______ Asher (Ron Perlman) is a contract killer who's spent the better part of his life ending other lives, taking orders from Avi (Richard Dreyfuss). He lives a lonely existence, making friends out of fine wine and good food, resenting his apprentice, Uzi (Peter Facinelli), who's taking jobs from him due to youth. When Avi hands Asher three contracts for a revenge scheme, the hitman takes the job, only to lose consciousness due to health issues, making accidental contact with Sophie (Famke Janssen), a ballet teacher distraught over mother Dora (Jacqueline Bisset), who's losing her battle with dementia. Asher and Sophie make a connection, embarking on a tentative courtship where the murderer can't share anything about his life. As the pair work out their flirtations, Asher is forced to pair with Uzi on a group hit, and when that goes bad for a moment, the veteran soon becomes marked for death, threatening all the good that's come into his world.

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