Hassan Afghan Movie 2018 فلم افغانی حسن


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Hassan Afghan Movie 2018  فلم افغانی حسن

Hassan Afghan Movie 2018 فلم افغانی حسن

Tür: Full HD Film Afghani, Genel

Yapım: 22 June 2018

IMDB Puanı: 4.5

Oyuncular: Emaan Films Production Presents Hassan Written/Directed/Produced by : Emaan Release date : 22 June 2018 Running time : 1:51:41 Language : Dari And Pashto With English Subtitle Actors : Emaan , Leena Alam Genres : Social Family Drama Background music ( 5.1 Surround Mixed ) & Score Mix Loud Studio ( Dhanesh Raj ) All Rights Reserved Hassan has important hopes, in the unsafe and troubled city of Kabul, Afghanistan. He wants to help the children who have heart disease via a charity organization. But the unsafe circumstances prevent his hopes to be fulfilled and he had to leave his goal and leave the country to seek refuge a broad, but there, he faces different types of issues.

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